Climate LinkUP offers two membership types

GREEN Membership

AURORA Membership Programme (AMP)

Both memberships include access to all Climate LinkUP online services and resources.

Full details of Climate LinkUP Membership inclusions can be viewed in our online brochure.


Climate LinkUP’s Aurora Membership Programme (AMP) supports bold acceleration of local community-scale climate action in developing nations, via an integrated and targeted ‘Climate with Nature’ action approach.

AMP accelerates science-informed climate mitigation and adaptation projects in developing nations via our renewable energy PowerUP initiative and Nature-based Solutions (NbS). 

Climate LinkUP is committed to reducing global climate inequalities, bridging global gender inequalities and accelerating climate action whilst delivering the United Nations SDGs.

Climate LinkUP GREEN Membership is FREE for

All developing nations 
(UN List)

All global businesses managed by female CEOs

All global university and higher education groups working on
climate-related research

All global

All global environmental NGOs, societies, charities and non-profit organisations

Climate LinkUP Membership Subscriptions

Annual subscription charges for industry and government organisations in developed nations only.
Climate LinkUP
Organisation size
Micro (less than 5 staff)
Small (6-49 staff)
Medium (50-249 staff)
Large (more than 250 staff)
GREEN Membership ¹
Aurora Membership
Programme (AMP)²

1. 10% Green Membership fee reduction on sharing an organisation-developed climate tool with the Climate LinkUP community members.

2. 100% of additional Aurora Membership Programme (AMP) fee allocated to support developing nation climate projects.

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The current international climate emergency requires urgent action to restore nature and it’s vital contributions to society. Bold acceleration of climate action is imperative as a foundation for a sustainable and resilient green recovery.