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Energy markets are continually changing environments. That’s exactly why Montel Group is proud to be helping industry professionals identify and respond to new market drivers, as the world aims to decarbonise the power industry. With all the new challenges facing the world as we pursue net-zero emissions together, all companies across the Montel Group are committed to playing our part. Put simply, that’s why we’ll continue to develop the services you need to guide you through the energy transition.



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Decarbonisation matters. Get the week's biggest net-zero stories straight from Montel’s dedicated news desk.
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The Montel Group does more than just news and data. Come and see how we're predicting market movements in Energy Quantified; developing cutting edge technology with Montel AI; enabling climate aware consumers via Bright – and much, much more.
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Montel hosts a wide range of energy industry events, including traditional Energy Days, the Green Week and much more.
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