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Nature Positive Solutions for Climate Resilience

Join us on the 4 April for an exciting webinar co-hosted with one of our global partner organisations - Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) with HQ in the USA. This webinar will showcase the innovative work of early career researchers from across the globe, who are developing nature positive solutions to build environmental resilience to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

This environmental webinar will showcase cutting edge research from both industry and academia, as the two pathways join to tackle the biggest challenges of our generation. Our interactive Roundtable sessions will provide an an opportunity for you to get involved by posting questions to inspire topical discussions.

Welcome, and don’t forget to join the event discussions in the Climate Adaptation Group on the free Climate LinkUP global platform!

Our Mission Statement

Climate LinkUP is a UK-Norwegian initiative, established in May 2021 to accelerate science-informed global climate action through collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation – moving towards a low carbon future for all. This is facilitated via our custom-built, multi-stakeholder digital Climate LinkUP HUB Platform©, Climate Newsroom, Spotlight podcast series, climate resources and Net Zero corporate training courses and events.

Our Adaptation and Mitigation Program (AMP) [Non-profit Foundation] brings together cutting-edge climate science, knowledge and innovation with regional networks of expertise, to accelerate the strategic delivery of science-informed climate solutions at local scale in partnership with developing nations at the forefront of climate change impacts. The Program is informed and supported by our world-class global Scientific and Technical Expert Panel (STEP).

Climate LinkUP

Climate LinkUP HUB Platform©

Connecting global climate stakeholders, facilitating networking and exchange of vital climate knowledge, strategic optimisation tools and financial investment across climate sectors and geographical regions. Free and open digital platform for all.

Net Zero Corporate Training

Supporting businesses navigate the green transition. Corporate training courses, events and science-informed Net Zero Toolbox to steer organisational strategy, improve performance and unlock opportunities arising from the green transition.


AMP Global South Action

Delivering climate action in partnership with established stakeholder networks in developing nations. The Adaptation & Mitigation Program, AMP (non-profit Foundation) accelerates delivery of renewable energy and science-informed restoration of ecosystems.

your free digital climate platform

The FREE Climate LinkUP HUB Platform©

Knowledge transfer

Bringing climate stakeholders together across sectors and regions, to share knowledge, improve strategies and accelerate  bold climate action delivery.

Investment support

Connecting industry investors with climate partners to accelerate and operationalise delivery of science-informed climate solutions.

Collaboration & engagement

Supporting network building across sectors and regions, to facilitate science-informed knowledge exchange, essential for climate solution delivery.

Professional development

Exchanging climate knowledge & tools, developing skills, sharing best practices and addressing climate change challenges with global experts. 

Accelerating CLIMATE ACTION together

It's now in our hands

All is not well with our planet. As we are increasing our pressures on Earth, we are now crossing irreversible tipping points. What we do in the next 10 years will profoundly impact the next few thousand. If we act now, we can yet put it right.

- Sir David Attenborough

Planet Earth, Our Home

“Planet Earth, Our Home” is a short film produced by our Climate LinkUP Founder and CEO, Dr Jo Maloney and supported by the BBC, to raise awareness of the urgent need to accelerate bold global actions to address the interconnected global climate and nature crises. By acting now and working together across regions and countries, we can accelerate climate action together to restore our planet.

The film communicates climate messages through the art of visual storytelling: showcasing the diversity of ecosystems under threat, endangered species, human destruction, climate change impacts and sustainable solutions. This visual story-telling approach is synonymous with the Climate LinkUP brand – that communicates cutting-edge climate science in high-impact, relatable, accessible and engaging format to everyone, by breaking down global language barriers.

We thank the BBC and Sir David Attenborough for supporting the production of our short climate film, with a climate message communicated by Sir David Attenborough following our introduction and proceeding our film. 

Join our Spotlight Podcast Community

Welcome to the Climate LinkUP Spotlight Podcasts! We shine a spotlight on current climate challenges impacting communities in the Global South – at the forefront of climate change impacts.

Climate insights from

the newsroom

Net Zero Business Toolbox

Your Net Zero Toolbox: Navigate the green transition and propel your business towards net zero emissions

Joining the dots between science-informed guidance, tools and business application, Climate LinkUP supports businesses build real sustainable, circular and emission-free value chains to reach climate neutrality.

Net Zero Toolbox Features

Net zero principles

Understanding net zero

Understand net zero principles and key climate requirements to help develop your strategic business plan, with a focus on deep reductions in value chain emissions to effectively limit global temperature rises to below 1.5 degC.

Setting targets

Setting business targets

Strategic tools to help set and achieve both near and long-term science-based targets required to rapidly reduce emissions now, halving by 2030 and reach close to zero emissions by 2050.

Measuring & tracking emissions

Access tools to measure and track emissions in your business. Understand how to measure and report emissions, calculate your important baseline and largest sources of emissions via interactive calculating tools.

Moving Beyond

Moving beyond your value chain

Move beyond your own business value chain mitigation by investing in credible outside climate action that’s science-informed, equitable and makes a difference, co-benefiting people and nature.

The Climate LinkUP Hub is open and free
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The current international climate emergency requires urgent action to restore nature and it’s vital contributions to society. Bold acceleration of climate action is imperative as a foundation for a sustainable and resilient green recovery.