Our Story and Values
Founded in early 2021, Climate LinkUP, a collaborative UK-Norwegian initiative now backed by 100+ global partner organisations including the BBC, was born out of a shared recognition of the urgent need for decisive action in the face of the interconnected Climate and Nature Emergencies. With multidisciplinary backgrounds across the wider Climate LinkUP team, cross-cutting sectors from Environment, Green Energy to Sustainable Finance - we understood that the challenges posed by climate change and biodiversity loss require coordinated, interdisciplinary solutions.

Driven by the belief that collaboration is key to accelerating global climate and nature action, we established Climate LinkUP to facilitate knowledge exchange, provide credible climate and sustainability training, foster innovation and mobilise resources across sectors and geographic regions. Our mission is to address the pressing challenges of our time by bringing together diverse expertise and stakeholders to drive meaningful progress towards a sustainable future.
Dr Jo Maloney
Dr. Jo Maloney
Climate LinkUP Founder & CEO

  • PhD in Marine Pollution, with a 30-year global career in environmental climate work.
  • European Commission Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow and Royal Society of London Fellow.
  • Leading roles in science, policy, management, governance and academia, with associated global networks.
  • Lifelong experience: environmental ecosystems, marine and aquatic ecology, climate change, biodiversity and environmental forensics in the Nordics, UK and Oceania.
  • Experience in graphic design and storytelling through creative media.
  • Publications in leading international scientific journals and UK Climate Evidence Report (March 2021).
  • Founder of Climate LinkUP Group incl.  QUIN Institute for Sustainable Executive EducationAMPLOYD Green Talent Solutions and EDGE Ecosystem I Climate and Nature Consultancy.

Why the Climate LinkUP approach ?

In early 2021, Dr. Jo Maloney authored a UK published climate Report evidencing the UK declared Climate and Nature Emergencies. This published report documented unprecedented climate change impacts across ecosystem and biodiversity, and the urgent need for immediate bold implementation of climate mitigation and adaptation measures.

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London (HQ)


London (HQ)


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Empowered by the brilliant minds across our wider Climate LinkUP team, our culture thrives on a shared mission: making a meaningful difference for our planet. Our team is currently expanding with truly innovative and exceptional global talent. If you would like to be part of this journey, contribute to our global climate quest and work in a meaningful role within a supportive international team, contact us!

Our values


With confidence we embrace life’s experiences,  moving forward with people and opportunities to achieve our goals.


Curiosity fuels creativity, which in turn drives innovation. Our inquisitive minds have the freedom to explore and play.


With courage, we boldly seize opportunities and work innovatively together to accelerate positive change.

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The current international climate emergency requires urgent action to restore nature and it’s vital contributions to society. Bold acceleration of climate action is imperative as a foundation for a sustainable and resilient green recovery.

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